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With 2017 moving fast it’s a good idea to compare Medicare supplement plans for 2018. Whether you’ll be turning 65 and going on Medicare for the first time, or you already have a supplement and you’re shopping for a better rate, there’s no easier way to check rates and get instant quotes than this website!

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Comparing the Plans

Finding the right plan doesn’t have to be difficult, and finding the lowest premiums is easy! Choosing the right plan depends on your budget, your health conditions, and how often you visit your doctor. Of course you never know what will happen in the future so we’ll need to take that into consideration as well.

Popular Plans

Currently the most popular plans are:

  • Plan F
  • Plan C
  • Plan G
  • Plan N

Compare Medicare Supplement Plans 2016

 Medicare Supplement Plan F

Plan F offers the most coverage out of any plan available. This means you will never receive a medical bill on all Medicare-approved expenses. Simply visit any doctor or specialist that accepts Medicare and provide them with your Medicare and Plan F card. That’s it! And like every other plan there is no network with Plan F, as it just follows Medicare wherever you go.

Plan F is highly recommended by most agents because it’s easy to just tell people that “it’s the best” because it offers the most coverage. Don’t believe it! This doesn’t mean it’s the best plan for you, and there are other options you will definitely want to see before just going for Plan F. In fact in many cases Plan F can actually be a considered a waste of money.

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Medicare Supplement Plan C

Plan C is a well known plan that is nearly identical to Plan F except for one thing. On Plan C the Part B excess charges are not paid and would be your responsibility. These charges can occur when doctor’s do not accept assignment (the rates Medicare gives them) and they are allowed to charge up to 15% extra. It’s pretty rare as most doctor’s do accept the assigned rates, but it certainly could happen. There are also a handful of states where doctor’s are not allowed to charge Part B excess charges so in that case it’s worth getting rates for Plan C.

In many cases, Plan C is within a few dollars of Plan F on the rates, therefore most people just go with Plan F to avoid excess charges. In these instances it’s worth it to pay a few extra dollars for Plan F.

Plan G – Why You Should Compare Medicare Supplement Plans in 2016

Medicare Supplement Plan G

Plan G is quickly rising to the top as one of the most popular supplement plans and for good reason. Just like Plan C, Medicare supplement Plan G is nearly identical to Plan F but in a different way. Plan G pays the Part B excess charges, but the only thing it doesn’t pay is the annual Part B deductible each year. At $183 (2017), this deductible is paid by you on Plan G, after which you get 100 percent coverage of the gaps just like Plan F. The benefit is, however, that you get lower premiums than Plan F! So in most cases even after you meet your Part B deductible on Plan G you still end up saving great money.

On Plan F the only difference is the plan is paying the Part B deductible for you, with your money. Again that amount is $183. At the top and bottom of this page are places to enter your zip code to get quotes for Plan F and G. There you can compare to see how much you can save on Plan G. Remember, if Plan F is higher than $183 for the year in yo area (and it probably will be!) then you are wasting money by paying extra for Plan F to pay the deductible with your money.

Plan G is also know for having lower rate increases each year over Plan F, another great reason to consider Plan G for 2018.

Medicare Supplement Plan N

Another plan that is quickly rising in popularity is Plan N. With it’s lower premiums than both F and Plan G, along with outstanding coverage Plan N is a must to include when you compare Medicare supplement plans in 2018.

Plan N has some additional cost-sharing for coverage of Part A and Part B:

  • You must pay the annual Part B deductible out-of-pocket each year ($183 in 2017)
  • After this is met you might have up to $20 co-payment per doctor’s visit
  • If you visit the emergency room and you’re not admitted you will have a $50 co-pay on Plan N
  • Part B excess charges are not covered with Plan N

For those who are healthy and don’t visit their doctor often, Plan N is a fantastic choice with it’s lower premiums than F or G.

Choosing a Plan

Now that you’ve seen the difference in benefits of the more popular plans you’ll be able to choose one that fits your needs. The question now is, which company do you choose? Remember each company has identical benefits for each plan, there is no difference. Their premiums however, are all entirely different! That means you could end up spending far more than you should if you’re not careful.

Using our FREE quote engine makes it easy to compare Medicare supplement Plans in 2018 and get rates from several of the top carriers.

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